Professional translation and editing services

We specialize in professional translation, proofing and editing of documents in English and Spanish

A good translation consists of... a document that faithfully reflects what the author wants to say to his or her target audience. — John Massey Get a cost estimate

What we do

Professional translation and editing services

We offer specialized translation services, with satisfied clients in Central and South America who will vouch for the quality of our work.

We guarantee high quality translations and editing, using an iterative process with the author, to make sure that the ideas are expressed clearly and efficiently to your readers.

We do not use machine translation software such as Google Translate, Babylon or others. On the contrary, our translations are done by hand and consulted with the author as I translate or edit, so as to make sure that the text accurately reflects what the author wants to say.


Our services are not limited to translation. We can also provide you with professional editing services that will transform your English-language documents or manuscripts into ones that you can be proud of and which truly communicates the message using the tone and style you wish the document to have for your readers. These services are especially useful for non-native English speakers.

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Professional translation of your documents or manuscripts in various technical areas, but especially social programs and local development. The documents can be dissertations, routine and special reports of non-profits or government entities, program and project evaluations and others. Give my services a try if you want your documents to reflect your competence and solid ideas for your English-speaking readers.

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Who are our clients?

Some of the clients with whom we have had the pleasure of working on translations, proofing and edition include:

Satisfied clients

What our customers are saying:

John has always met the agreed upon time frames. His English in the translations and edited documents is concise, polished and true to the original content. Quite often, John delivered documents to us that were substantively better than the original document. His work has contributed to the development of winning grant funding proposals for submission to our international donors.
— Dr. Jorge Luis Prosperi | Advisor and Country Representative for PAHO/WHO
Over the past 4 years, John Massey has provided highly satisfactory professional translation services to my organization, particularly the Sponsorship Department. He fully fulfilled our expectations regarding the quality of the translations and meeting our deadlines. We have always had the benefit of and welcomed his valuable opinion and suggestions to make our documents clearer, more attractive and interesting.
— Carlos Fajardo, Sponsorship Manager | Plan International.
His command of English, his native tongue, added to his extensive professional experience and training, has resulted in documents of very high quality that we have always been proud to submit to our international donors. In our experience, John has always done our work quickly, and shows great responsibility for meeting our deadlines. Particularly notable is his commitment to satisfying his clients.
— Lic. Laura Solórzano, Country Sponsorship Coordinator | Plan International Inc.
My documents were technical, quite complex, focused on sensitive subjects of importance and impact on national programs for HIV/AIDS, and as such, these documents needed to communicate national strategies for relief of the populations affected by these diseases with precision and objectivity. For this reason, it was important to me that the English be elegant, clear and well-written. I am very satisfied with the work that John Massey did for me.
— Dr. Herbert Betancourt, Ex-Country Coordinator for UNAIDS, El Salvador.

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More than 20 years of experience in professional translation of documents from Spanish to English attest to the quality of my work.

Send me your translation/edition project so that I can provide you a cost estimate. For the estimate, please fill out the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubts or concerns about my work, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be very happy to answer any question you may have.

What types of documents or manuscripts do you accept?

We prefer Word, but will accept documents in PDF.

How will payment be made for the translation or edition services?

Payment will be in USD, and we can agree by e-mail/Skype on a means of payment, as we examine your document and discuss the rate.

What is the basic rate for a translation or an edition?

The basic rate is $0.08 per word, but this may increase to $0.11 or $0.12 if your document is very complicated, with heavy use of specialized jargon in your field, or special styles needed to satisfy the objective of your document or manuscript. The basic rate for edition of English-language documents is $25.00 per hour. This rate will vary depending on your document and its purpose.

Will the rate vary if your document requires a rush treatment?

Yes. If the deadline for your document requires me to work more than a normal 8-10 hour day, the rate will increase. We can agree on this by email or Skype in the process of discussing the job.

How long would it take to have my document ready?

For documents in my professional area of specialty, I can comfortably translate from three to five thousand words per day.